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Apr 28

The Reel Rasquache Art & Film Festival Needs YOUR HELP!

Contributions of $1, $5 or $10, will help keep our festival going for the next year and beyond…

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Jun 28

Hulu’s “East Los High” Season 2 Premiere’s July 9

Actres/singer Vivian Lamolli ©2014 Angela María Ortíz S.

Reposted from SeFija!

For the past couple of years original programming has taking off on the web with NetflixHuluAmazonYouTube and others offering shows or series. Some are really good and of course some aren’t, but there’s interest in these new adventures. The ones that are interesting are doing well, like my personal favorite; Netflix’s Orange is the New Black now in its second season and renewed for a third.

Actors Rick Mancia and Alexandra Rodriguez ©2014 Angela María Ortíz S.

Which brings us to Hulu’s entry last year of East Los High, a modern day cross between Beverly Hills, 90210 and Glee with a predominately Latino cast and crew–in front and behind the camera. The show creators are Carlos Portugal and Kathleen Bedoya. The show had an enough fan base to return with a second season of high school angst.

A few months ago Se Fija!’s Angela Ortíz got to hang out with a few of the new cast members of the new season. Here are some of the new and a few returning cast members; Rick ManciaAlexandra RodriguezVivian Lamolli, two sets of siblings Gabriel ChavarriaJeremy ChavarriaAlicia Sixtos,Andrea SixtosVannessa Vasquez,Tracy PerezRene AlvoradoJessica MezaRay DiazAshley Campuzano, and Danielle Vega.

The new season is out on July 9 on a computer near you. Below are a few of the interviews and trailer.

Jun 28

“Transformers: Age of Extinction” Loud and Explosive

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For the Transformers fans they’ll be happy, for a new comer like me to the franchise—I enjoyed the film even though it was much longer than I expected.

The fourth picture in the Michael Bay-Paramount CGI 3D blockbuster has made $8.7 since last evening showings in the U.S., they expect it to hit $90 million for the weekend. Take a look at the trailer:

Jun 28

Stars of “Love Story,” “Thelma & Louise,” “Pulp Fiction” & “West Side Story” Speak

Reposted from SeFija!

The Hollywood Reporter has done a cool video of some stars like, Ali MacGraw, Susan Sarandon and Rita Moreno during their photo shoot for their Hollywood’s 100 Favorite Films issue.

THR surveyed Studio chiefs, Oscar winners and TV royalty to judge the best movies of all time. Check out the video below and stay till the end.

May 06

Update on this Year’s Film Festival, FUN & SUCCESS!

Best Feature Drama

Best Short

We are very happy with the line we had for this year’s festival

We had over 25 features and shorts…








Best Documentary

We had a few good workshops, like Film Distribution, The Business of Filmmaking: Avoiding the pitfalls and staying ahead of the curve and a great Directors’ Roundtable

The Awards evening was full of great stories and wonderful acceptance speeches. And the evening ended with lots of networking.

L-r: actor Fidel Vicioso (The House That Jack Built), director Henry Barrial (Feature Drama), producer Melissa Haizlip (Best Short), actress Laura Patalano (You’re Dead to Me), Carlos Carrasco (Career Achievement Award), Marlene Forte (Pioneer Award), RRAFF co-director Angela Maria Ortiz S. (Se Fija! publisher), RRAFF director John Ramirez, Douglas Spain (Trailblazer award) artist Yolanda Gonzalez (Vision Award) and not shown is Edgar H. Alvarez (Best Documentary) Photo courtesy of Douglas Spain


Apr 26

RRAFF14 Official Selection Trailers

Trailers of some of the films we showed at this year’s festival

Henry Barrial’s The House that Jack Built (Feature)
OPENING FILM — Friday, May 16

Aaref Rodriguez’ Avenues (Feature)
CLOSING FILM — Sunday, May 18

Kenneth Castillo’s La Guapa (Feature)

Jesse Garcia’s The Price We Pay (Short)

TPWP TRAILER from Jesse Garcia on Vimeo.

Jay Francisco Lopez’ Sin Padre (Feature)

Samuel Rodriguez’ LA Where the Bullets Like to Fly (Feature)

Carlos Meléndez and Mauricio Mendoza’s After School (Feature)

Mar 31

Movies Out This Summer, Enjoy the Trailers

Jupiter Ascending a Wachowskis’ film—Coming this summer. Roberto Malerba and Bruce Berman are serving as executive producers.

Into the Storm looks like a wild ride…

Feb 24

Zoë Saldaña Goes All Green for Gamora in “Guardians”

Reposted from SeFija!

Buzz for Guardians of the Galaxy is reaching a fever pitch, and Zoë Saldaña, already a legend up the geekarazzi, is one of the reasons why

It’s not like Zoë Saldaña always plays Latinos. Or African Americans. Or even humans. After years of hard work, one of her breakout roles was in Avatar, and she’s also played the icon of beautiful women of color everywhere as Uhura in the Star Trekreboot and its sequel, with more to come. So moving from her regular, beautiful skin color to blue and then to green seems almost inevitable as she takes on the “assassin with a heart” character of Gamora in the upcoming Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy.

Here’s a quick 30 seconds of interview and clips about Zoë and her green goddess persona:

Guardians premieres in every single theater in the US of A on August 1. Oh, and Benicio del Toro’s in it, too.

Feb 13

“RoboCop” with Aimee Garcia, Premieres soon

Aimee Garcia

Reposted from SeFija!

Mark your calendars: The reboot (almost literally) of RoboCop appears on thousands of screens Wednesday, February 12

Science fiction and action fans, Latino and non-Latino alike, will have to take a look at the newest incarnation of RoboCop. Some sf/fantasy all-stars are in the cast–Gary Oldman, Samuel L. JacksonJacie Earl HaleyMichael Keaton–and Aimee Garcia (most recently in Vegas and Dexter). And directed by José Padilha (Elite SquadElite Squad: The Enemy Within).

It looks like great fun, and it’s finally about to arrive. Check out the trailer here:

Jan 28

Actors Hector Elizondo and Freddy Rodríguez Talk to Se Fija!’s Angela Ortíz

Hector Elizondo and Angela Ortíz

Reposted from SeFija!

Elizondo is a legend in Hollywood and a pride of Latino Hollywood and SUPER talented. He talks about Last Man Standing on ABC and more…

He’s been a regular on at least twenty television shows, countless guest spots, movies and TV movies. He made my night at the Disney/ABC Television Winter TCA mixer of January 17th. We talked about having gaps and how proud we were of them. Check out our talk in a very noisy room below.


We also caught up with actor/producer Freddy Rodríguez at the screening of his short, Mediation at the New Filmmakers Los Angeles. The short was well received.

Check out the video below and catch up with more on SeFija!

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