Reel Rasquache Film Festival

"the irreverent and spontaneous are employed to make the most from the least"

The Reel Rasquache Film Festival (RRFF) at the California State University, Los Angeles has a rich history of interdisciplinary collaboration with the Department of Television, Film & Media (TVFM) and the Department of Chicana(o) and Latina(o) Studies for almost a decade. Alumni from the department of TVFM are ecstatic to present the revival of the RRFF in the Fall of 2018. Entering this new phase, we are honored to extend our solidarity to the Ethnic Studies departments of our university. The stories we tell heal and foster change within the migrant communities of Los Angeles. The festival has organically evolved from highlighting the Chicana(o) experience, to the Latin American experience, to our present endeavor. RRFF explores the idea of Rasquache and to master the art of filmmaking.    We believe film has the power to decolonize, compel a deeper understanding of the human condition, and build community resistance. Reel Rasquache lives to provide a collaborative space and stepping stone for filmmakers to engage their art and plant the seeds of solidarity.