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Chris Weitz gets what he deserves: some recognition

Originally published at Se Fija!

A hugely successful director receives an award for one of his smallest and most personal films at Reel Rasquache this past weekend.

Se Fija! was one of the proud sponsors of this year’s Reel Rasquache Art & Film Festival in Los Angeles (May 18-20.) And one of the highlights of the festival was the Pioneer Award that was presented in a special closing-night ceremony to Chris Weitz, producer and director of A Better Life (as well as a few paltry ‘big’ movies you may have heard of, like Twilight: New Moon andAmerican Pie.)

Chris is no latecomer to Hollywood. Quite the opposite: filmmaking is in his blood. His mother is actress Susan Kohner; his brother is filmmaker Paul Weitz. He is the grandson of producer Paul Kohner and Mexican actress Lupita Tovar–the same Lupita Tovar who starred in Santa, Mexico’s first talkie, eighty years ago and the Spanish version of Dracula.

In almost 15 years of work, Chris has displayed a stunning creative range, from TV sitcoms to theatrical blockbusters, from world-spanning adventures to intimate personal portraits. And he has always shown a special ability to work with cultural icons. In 1998 he co-wrote the animated classic Antz that starred the voice (and personality) of Woody Allen; when he moved onto a number of TV projects, he found himself reviving the classic series Fantasy Island in 1998. Then he began building icons of his own, when he produced and directed American Pie, one of the best-remembered, most quoted, and raunchiest comedies of its time. Continue reading

Teresa Yenque, an Unfamiliar Name—But You’ve Seen Her Talent Numerous Times

Originally published at Se Fija!

She has a career that goes back to the 70s, in television, film and stage.

Actress Teresa Yenque was awarded the 2012 Reel Rasquache Art & Film Festival Trailblazer Award at the May 20th festivities and Se Fija! was in the midst of things.

Ms Yenque is a true pioneer in Spanish-language theatre, and one who has paved the way for many others. Leaving behind her native Peru at just 19, she had the courage to follow her passion and begin to train in some of the New York theatres where she would later perform. Back in the days when roles available to Latina women were scarce and often limited to maids and streetwalkers, Teresa was not dissuaded by limitations. She played every role the way she still does, with professionalism, 100% commitment, intelligence and passion.

Her long flowing hair and her beautifully expressive eyes have become just as much her trademarks as her generosity and humility as an actor. As things evolved, so did her opportunities, and she was right there, ready every step of the way, to dive into diverse roles and genres, from musicals to classical theatre, from farces to serious drama, branching out into English-language roles in addition to Spanish. Continue reading

Patricia Krebs: artist, performer, and honoree at Reel Rasquache

Originally published at Se Fija!

Patricia Krebs has been a friend of Se Fija! since the day we began. That’s why we were especially pleased to see that the Reel Rasquache Art & Film Festival has chosen her as recipient for the 2012 Vision Award. She is a remarkably talented and accomplished woman in a wide range of media, and well deserving of the attention. Here’ s a little bit more about her…

Patricia Krebs was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she earned her degrees in Fine Arts and Contemporary Visual Arts. Since 2001, she has lived in Los Angeles, California, where she works as a full-time multimedia artist. Krebs’ artwork has been exhibited in galleries and cultural centers, and featured on books covers, CDs and educational magazines in South and North America. She has designed and illustrated over a dozen books, including several award winning children’s picture books, and created puppets, props and masks for theatrical events. In addition, she has written lyrics & music for her own musical projects as well as for other artists and companies, and recorded Spanish voiceovers for major movies, such as Corpse Bride, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Beowulf, and Happy Feet I & II. Continue reading