RRAFF13 Official Selection Trailers

Trailers of some of the films that were seen at RRAFF13.

Bryan Ramirez’ Mission Park (drama)

Fanny Veliz’ Homebound (drama)

Carlos Carrasco’s Art Galleries and Back Alleys (documentary)

T.M. Scorzafava’s Slip Away (drama short)

Jeremiah Ocañas’ Poppin’ Champagne (music video)

Jules Nurrish’s Kiss Me (drama short)

Juan Oseguera’s The Fight for Water (documentary)

Kevin Bender’sThinking Grande: Creating California’s Mexican Wonderland (documentary)

Miguel Picker and Chyng Sun’s Latinos Beyond Reel (documentary and opening film)

Tom Gustafson’s Mariachi Gringo (feature)

Roberto S. Oregel’s One Man Show (dramedy short)

Kenneth Castillo’s Counterpunch (feature drama and closing film)

Maylen Calienes’ The Three Bilinguals (dramedy short)

Carlos Avila’s Tales of Masked Men (Short Doc)

Jorge OrtizChrist/tina (webisode/series)

Gloria Moran’s The Unique ladies (Short Doc)

Kico Velarde’s The Shooting Star Salesman (dramatic short)