April 2013 archive

Pimping the Reel Rasquache Art & Film Festival Fundraiser with Lalo Alcaraz

L-r: Lalo Alcaraz, Angela María Ortíz S. and Juan Escobedo

The Reel Rasquache co-director and publisher of Se Fija! Angela María Ortíz S. and RRAFF13 producing consultant, Juan Escobedo, director of Tela Sofa, were on the Pocho Hour with Lalo Alcaraz on Friday, April 19. They Talked about the big fundraiser coming up on Saturday, April 27 at Self Help Graphics in Boyle Heights. If you missed it, you can listing to the show here. A great time time was had by all.

Photos: ©2013 Anselmo S. Ortiz