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Nov 04

American Latino Writers, Directors, and Producers Get a Movie Completion of Their Own

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NUVOtv’s “Nu Point of View” offers the opportunity for independent American Latino creators to submit their original works to a nationally televised and digital platform…and it’s free and unlimited

NUVOtv’s doing a pretty great thing: setting up a new competition especially for American Latino producers, directors and writers to showcase their films, documentaries and shorts. It’s a wide-open opportunity that creators can take advantage of as often as they like…and there’s no entry fee.

“Through Nu Point of View,” the announcement says, “NUVOtv seeks to celebrate the talent, dedication and cultural voice of these artists and aims to pave the way for an expanded multicultural vision in the world of cinema.”

Our advice: submit your passion project. If selected, your film has the possibility to be seen by millions of TV viewers, and earn up to $3,000.

There is no submission fee, so send as much material as you like. Official submission deadline is coming up soon–November 15, 2013–so click here for all the details.