Sep 16

Annabelle, The Evil Doll from “The Conjuring,” Gets Her Own Movie

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Show of hands: how many of us think dolls are creepy? Like the creepiest thing this side of clowns?

Just as we suspected. Everybody.

James Wan and his peeps may not be the most original purveyors of modern cinema-horror, but one thing’s for sure: they deliver the goods, shock chords and jump-out-of-frame boo-cuts included. The newest flick from the House Of Wan is no exception: Annabelle is a spin-off from Wan’s hugely successful haunted-house movie, The Conjuring, and it plays of the familiar but still effective icon of the weird-ass doll. If the full movie is half as good as the trailer, we’ve got a good ’un coming to us in October: Check it out:

The director, John Leonetti is a scare-vet, the DP on The Conjuring and both Insidiouses, as well a bunch ofSleepy Hollow episodes; the writer’s done half a dozen horror film, including the oddly not-awful SyFy jungle-mosterfest BloodMonkey. It screams onto screens nationwide on October 3. Cast: Annabelle WallisAlfre WoodardWard HortonTony AmendolaEric Ladin, and Brian Howe.