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Jan 07

Guillermo del Toro Shows Us “Mamá”…

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…the short that was so scary, he had to make it into a movie

On January 11, Guillermo del Toro—working as a producer this time, as he has so often in the last few years–will be premieringMama, a horror film about two young orphan girls adopted by a nearly unrecognizable Jessica Chastain…who seem to bring the mad spirit of their deceased mother with them.

The film is the first feature-length effort of a Spanish brother-and-sister team, Andrés and Barbara Muschietti (writer and producer respectively). Guillermo got a glimpse of it and was so impressed that…well, here, let him tell you the story, in this beautifully produced commentary from Guillermo that include the complete short that started it all.

Scared yet? You’ll be able to see the full-length feature in theaters nationwide beginning January 11.