2013 RRAFF Featured Artist/Vision Award: JUAN SOLIS

Photo: Juan Escobedo

Lupita Dolorosa

Soy Chingon

Juan Solis is an artist whose passion for his art takes him to the outer limits of his imagination, to capture his own reality of life and through his art and to demonstrate the beauty of his community.

As a struggling artist Solis, who began painting when he was 12, never gave up hope that his talent would one day endowed would one day be recognized. In the meantime he spent years studying his craft at various art academies in the United States and Mexico. Returning to the states, he spent eight years at the Academia de Arte Yepes of East Los Angeles, developing and creating his own distinctive techniques under the guidance of world-renowned artist-muralist George Yepes. Growing recognition of his work has led to comment like this from art collector Armando Duron: “There is a reality about his work that puts it one step above the heroic images captured by other artists.”

Juan Solis in front of one of his large panel paintings

In 1995, Solis was one of eight young Hispanic master painters who worked on the Cassini mural with Charles Kohlhase of the Cassini project. This 12’x25’ mural was commissioned by JPL/NASA through the Academia de Arte Yepes. The painters of this stunning blend of art and science were lead by artist Ulysses Garcia. The mural can be seen at JPL in Pasadena, CA. Juan Solis is a resident artist at ChimMaya Art Gallery located in East Los Angeles, CA.

Solis is committed to his community. You often find him painting in his community and being part of philanthropic causes that also benefit the community. Issues dear to him are, education, arts, culture, children and families.

Website: juansolisart